My Work Space (aka “Studio”)


This is what we sometimes call “The Multi Purpose Room.” I think it is actually the nicest room in our house. It has many big windows overlooking the garden, and lots and lots of natural light. The room is furnished as a guest room, where family and friends stay when they come visit. When no one is visiting we use it for other purposes: as a crafts room, a music room, a quiet place to read books, or an undisturbed space to work on puzzles.

My guest room/studio

For a while, my sewing machine was set on the corner table when in use, and stewed in the closet whenever I didn’t need it. A few years ago I wanted to quilt more, and so decided to look for a sewing table. I spent a lot of time looking. I wanted something that would nicely fit into this room. It had to be the right size, but also to blend in in aesthetically with the existing furniture. Most importantly, it had to have doors and look neat during the many weeks each year when the room hosted guests.

I saw lots of metal or white, industrial-looking tables which I didn’t like at all, and finally settled on the next best thing: this mid-sized Koala sewing cabinet, which I customized to fit the color of the furniture we already had. Although I have some issues with this table (it could have been so much nicer had it been made of real wood!), it mostly works. And so, the setting was perfect for those few times a year in which I actually had time to quilt.

(The above picture shows the table closed, and the room ready for guests. The picture below shows it open and ready for work).

My sewing room

When I got the Bag Bug, however, my nice arrangement didn’t work all that well anymore. The more I sewed, the more things I needed: more fabric in different sizes and colors; more cottons for the lining; metal buckles, rings and rivets; buttons, closures and zippers, all in different shapes and tones. Interfacing of varying thicknesses; leather straps and cotton webbing, again in different widths and colors. And so on and so forth. Within a couple of months the room looked like this:

Mess in my sewing room

Needless to say, I need a better solution. It’s hard to concentrate in a messy work space, and also hard to find things. I’ve been thinking hard about how to organize and rearrange everything so that it’ll work better. I think I have an idea, so stay tuned!


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