How it All Began: Coming Down with the Bag Bug

My current creative adventure began with three rescued upholstery fabrics:One was heavy-weaved and cream-colored:
The other herringbone-weaved in maroon:
And the third a lightly-rippled cream-colored viscose, beautifully embroidered with flowers in black and maroon.
I brought them home one day and laid them on the dining-room table, then stared at them for a couple of weeks, unsure of what to do. They stared back until I finally understood what they were trying to say: “Make a bag out of us!” they told me, and so I did.
The minute I put in the last stitch, my daughter ran in and claimed the bag for herself. She immediately made it her school bag, attracting many compliments from admiring friends. Soon my other daughter asked for one, too. I made another one, and she, too, loved hers. And that was all it took. I got the bag bug.
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