Boys Need Bags, too!


“It’s not fair!” is a common complaint in our household, but in this case the boy was right: each of his sisters had a mommy-made bag, but he had nothing.

So, while I was frantically getting ready for the Christmas Market, he headed straight towards my finished bag pile, ready to claim one for himself. The fact that they were all WOMEN’s handbags (and way too big for him) didn’t seem to matter. Fairness is fairness, after all.

I promised to make one especially for him–a little boy’s bag. But I told him he will have to wait until after the fair was over.

In the end it took a little longer than expected, partially because Decembers are always busy, partially because we went away for winter break, and partially because it just took a while to find the right fabrics. But eventually I gathered all the right materials:

A thick olive-colored cotton for the outside:

A bright-orange velvety fabric for the underside of the flap:

And, at JoAnn’s Fabrics, I found the perfect, cutest monster cotton fabric for the lining:

I set to work as soon as school started again. I made his bag i-pad sized, for the occasions on which my boy wanted to carry his device. To make it “boyish,” I decorated it with olive-colored webbing and brown wooden buttons. I used Velcro for the closure, to make it easy for his little fingers to handle. The result: a boy’s bag just perfect for an i-pad!

I even added an inner pocket for all his small treasures:

My son was really happy to receive his own bag, and is using it regularly 🙂


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