Meet Zwia

I am inspired by my fabrics, and am excited by the endless possibilities they embed. I also draw inspiration from things I see in nature, from my travels, from things that surround me, from my past and from daily life. In fact, many of my products were born out of my own needs or those of close family members or friends.

My creativity is a dynamic process that required constant learning. I like challenging myself by experimenting, changing, and trying new things. I am always thinking of alternative ways to use my materials, new items to make out of them, and fresh substances to combine them with. Thus, my art feels like a continuous adventure.

Besides being a fabric artist and a designer of things textile, I am also a historian and a writer. I enjoy cooking, baking, and making my own jams and yogurt. I love spending time in nature, and savor gardening, hiking, camping and traveling. I am also the mother of three children, who derive great pleasure from keeping me busy.