Artist, Historian, Recycler

I’m Zwia, an Israeli historian of China exploring textiles in California.

My studio is my happy place, where I spend hours surrounded by textiles. I love to look at bold-colored fabrics, and touch luxurious-feeling ones. I’m allergic to wool, and can’t stand being near anything scratchy or synthetic-feeling. Some colors make me cringe, too.

I’m passionate about sustainability, and therefore work exclusively with re-purposed fabrics. ANY Texture is my way of trying to keep exquisite textiles out of the landfill by turning them into art.

A historian by training, I enjoy learning the stories behind things. I also love traveling, seeing new places, learning about other cultures, and whenever possible–exploring different traditions of textile art. Sometimes I collect fabrics on trips, and try to design art around them. By doing so I give tribute to textile artists elsewhere, bridge between cultures, and create something new that reflects the reality of a small, connected world.

My creativity is a dynamic process that requires constant learning. I like challenging myself by experimenting, changing, and trying new things. I’m always thinking of alternative ways to use my materials, new ideas to express through them, and fresh substances to combine them with. Thus, my art feels like a continuous, evolving adventure.

Besides being a textile artist and a designer, I also enjoy writing, reading, cooking, baking, and making my own jams and yogurt. I love spending time in nature, and savor gardening, hiking and camping. In addition, I highly value time with family and friends!

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