Interested in the Summer of Love but Can’t Visit SF? New York Has an Exhibition, Too!

A few weeks ago I wrote about my visit to the Summer of Love exhibition at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. I was quite surprised to find a similar exhibition in New York City!

The Museum of Art and Design now shows a Counter Culture exhibit, which is a smaller version of the one in de Young. Spread over two floors, this show displays an array of hippie outfits. Some are even more outrageous than the ones I’ve seen in SF! Here you will find more multi-cultured outfits, combining textiles from several countries:

There are also elaborate examples of denim art:

As well as some imaginative jackets. This is a detail of an army coat embroidered and appliqued by Michael Fajans:

And this leather jacket is by Nina Huryn:

In this exhibition, too, I found some elaborately crocheted outfits:

As well as some mixed-technique ones:

And I saw more hand-made boots of the kind displayed at de Young, possibly by the same artist:

Except that this exhibit also has the tool kit with which these boots were made!

Watching the video of the Summer of Love in New York felt different than experiencing similar videos in Golden Gate Park, where the events actually took place. Things seemed more removed, somehow… Still, if you’re on the East Coast and cannot make it to the exhibition in de Young, this is an excellent next-best-thing! This exhibit, too, runs until August 20th.

And if you’re at the museum already, go down a floor to see the exhibition of Judith Lieber’s handbags. Here I learned something new about the history of handbag evolution:

Even though I related more to the aesthetics of the Counter Culture exhibit in the floors above, I still admired the outrageousness of Lieber’s designs:

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