A New Website: Moving My Blog to WordPress

If you visited my blog before, you might notice it looks somewhat different this time. That’s because earlier in the week I moved it from Blogger to WordPress.

When I started blogging a year ago I chose Blogger since it was a good option for beginners. It was very simple to set up, and had the basic features I needed. However, it looked a little amateurish, and wasn’t a “real” website. Over the last few months, as I learned about blogging, I started wanting a little more. I decided to move my blog to WordPress, which, I was told, had a lot more options.

Life was busy, however, as life tends to be. I was hardly able to keep up with my routine tasks, and didn’t have time to look into new websites. My husband, who is my tech support, was likewise occupied. There just never seemed to be a good time to get to it.

Well, last week we hosted our exchange student, and a day after she left a family member came over for a two-week visit. All of a sudden I found myself barred from my sewing room for three entire weeks! What a better way to take advantage of that rare opportunity than to finally work on a new website?!

I expected this to take time, but didn’t realize just how much! Thankfully, my husband agreed to do all the technical work (technology not being one of my expertise). However, there was plenty of work left for me. And so, this is how I spent this last week:

Working on my new website

The first thing I had to do was choose a theme. WordPress, it turned out, has hundreds of themes (or maybe thousands?). This, alone, was overwhelming. I spent several days looking at themes. I didn’t like most of them. Too busy screens, too much scrolling up and down. I wanted something simple. Clean. Easy. “In short, old fashioned,” my husband concluded. Not exactly the way I wanted to see it… Still, none of the new, modern themes fit the bill. So we had to go for something old. I chose Twenty Eleven, ancient in technology terms.

We moved my blog over, and I am having to learn a whole new set of skills. No, an entire new language! SEOs, categories, responsive, plugins, SSL. This will take a while. Possibly a long while.

My new platform is a lot more complex than the old, and offers oh-so-many-more options. A couple of days of playing with it and I already regretted ever blogging anywhere else. I should have moved over a lot sooner! But then, better late than never…

WordPress grades you on readability. I worked hard on my old posts and liked them, but, once moved, they did not pass muster. So I’m trying to learn. The idea of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also rather confusing, and I will need to work on that, too.

While I was able to move old posts fairly easily, the formatting was sometimes off. Fixing that took a lot of time. The old pictures, on the other hand, didn’t look good enough. So I’m slowly reloading them, one by one, something that will take a few more days. There is still a lot of work left to do, but then—I can’t really sew next week, anyway.

For now, my new website is still very much work in progress. Perhaps it always will be, kind of like my art. If you feel like poking around and giving me some feedback, I will love to hear from you. Is there anything you’d like to see that isn’t there? Anything you think I should change? Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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