Inspiration: London!

This summer my family and I traveled to London, where we spent two incredible weeks touring the city. We visited most of the major tourist destinations, as well as to some minor ones. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see all the museums, but we did go to many of them. We tasted food from around the world and had the obligatory tea at Harrods. In addition to sight seeing and eating, we also saw two amazing shows, and learned some history. Every now and then we rode double-decker buses as well as the Tube. Mostly, however, we walked anywhere we could, between seven to ten miles on an average day!

London was vibrant, lively and exciting. The days were very long (it was already bright at 4:00 am, and there was still some light at 10:00 pm). The weather, as expected, was mostly chilly and gray, spiced by the occasional drizzle or rain. Yet, the streets were always packed, even late at night. Food, music and ART pulsed throughout the city.

As a historian, I loved the layers of the past peeking from every corner. As an artists, I enjoyed seeing the great variety of London art, integrally woven into this great metropolis: old and new architecture, Gothic and modern sculpture, official public art next to street art, and, of course, the vast riches of art collected from all over the world and from different eras, displayed at the many museums that dot the city, free of charge for all to see.

Here is an example of how old and new architecture merge flawlessly to make the urban landscape:

London Roofs

And these are modern sculptures, segments from a series, looking very much in place at the Tower of London:

Monkey sculptures in the Tower of LondonMonkey sculptures in the Tower of London

This three-dimensional drawing stood at the financial district:

London Art

And in a side alley somewhere I spotted a waitress painting on a window:

London Window Decorations

The art displayed in the museums was a humbling testament to the great things humanity can achieve. I found it was quite exciting to stand in front of world-class creations, both ancient and modern, which I knew well from art history lessons. Here are but a couple of examples from the British Museum:

British Museum treasuresBritish Museum treasures

This art-infused environment was very invigorating. Creativity, it turns out, is catching.


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