One Last Sewing Project Before Summer: Sunflower Handbag

In three days the school year will be over, and my sewing season will come to an end. I am looking forward to spending relaxing summer days with my children. We’ll enjoy lounging around in pajamas until mid-morning, eating breakfast late and not having to live by the clock. It will be nice not to rush and be rushed constantly.

I’ve lived through enough summers to know to expect the occasional squabbles, as well as the many “I’m bored” complaints. Overall, however, I feel like we could all use a break. Knowing my kids, I am quite sure that I will not be able to get even close to my sewing machine all summer long. I know I will not be able to work on even a small sewing project.

Therefore, I need to take full advantage of the three days I still have left. There is one last project I need to finish: a gift for my mother in law. A while back she asked for a summer purse, and I promised to make her one. I haven’t had time for this so far, and will therefore need to act fast. The next couple of days will be dedicated to this one last project of the year!

My mother in law LOVES sunflowers. In the summer, she goes to the farmers’ market every Saturday, and buys huge bouquets of sunflowers. She then places them in a prominent location, right at the entrance to her house. Whenever I see sunflowers, therefore, I think of her.


And so, I decided to sew a sunflower handbag just for her! Miraculously, I found a fabric that had a sunflower print. I bought it for the lining of her bag, and selected the outside fabrics to match it:

Fabrics for sunflower Handbag

I will do my very best to finish this sunflower purse before the last bell of the school year rings!

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