A Little Late but DONE! The Sunflower Purse is Finished!

Despite all my good intentions, I was unable to finish my mother-in-law’s purse before the school year ended. Some of the distractions I should have anticipated: Election Day fell right on that last week of school. Reading through the election materials and filling out the forms took some time. Helping with my daughter’s eighth-grade middle-school graduation likewise required attention. There were a couple of primary-school rituals I just HAD to attend. Finally, I also had to shop for, and drive to, three different end-of-year parties.

Then there were the unanticipated obstacles: my four-year-new washing machine chose to break down right at that time (of course!). This left me with piles of unwashed clothes, and required two different technician visits (one to diagnose the problem, the second to change the broken part). Once the technicians fixed my machine, I had two-weeks-worth of laundry to deal with all at once. As you can imagine, this took hours…

In the end, I had a lot less time for sewing than I expected. Still, I managed to at least start that green-and-yellow summer purse before school was out.

As Expected, the first few days of summer were busy. But today my husband’s company had a “Take Kids to Work Day,” which gave me just the break I needed to finish my own project. We will visit my mother in law latter in the summer. I hope she likes her new sunflower purse!

Eco-friendly sunflower purse

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