The Scrap Project: Notebook Loops

One of the things that rekindled my artistic passion several months ago was my strong desire to give new life to beautiful-yet-no-longer-wanted pieces of fabric. I’ve been an ardent recycler for many years. I always make sure to sort all our household recyclables into the right bins. I also have a small compost pail on my kitchen counter, which I religiously empty into compost bins in the yard. Whenever I find a stray yogurt tub or banana peel in the garbage, I fish them out and put them where they belong. This little obsession served me well as a quilter, for in quilting even the smallest piece of cotton can often be used.

These days I try to make useful items out of rescued fabrics. After cutting large pieces for bags or notebook covers, however, I always find myself left with leftover scraps. From the very beginning I’ve been using the bigger pieces. I turned some into inside pockets for new purses:

Or outside pockets for totes:

But many of my scraps are too small for that. I haven’t had the heart to throw these away, and so I’ve been collecting them and storing them in a box.

A few weeks ago I went over this trove and sorted these pieces by approximate size.

I decided to challenge myself to find use even for smaller pieces, and to make that a habit going forward. After all, I started ANY Texture out of a strong desire to reduce waste. My goal is to save beautiful, unique textiles from going to the landfill.

So now, instead of cutting fresh straps to make loops for my fabric journal covers, I started making notebook loops out of scraps!

Take this piece, for example. It was a remnant left after cutting the lining for one of my still-under construction spring collection bags.

Instead of throwing it, I ironed it and sewed it into an elegant strap:

Then, I made a beautiful loop out of it. I even found the perfect journal cover to match it with:

It works great!

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