Rethinking Space: Rearranging My Textile Art Studio

As I mentioned before, our spare room, which is also where I sew, is lovely. It has many windows and lots of light, which I like. Sadly, this become a liability when I needed to turn the room into a textile art studio, and add storage space for my growing piles of materials. Windows occupy two of the wall. The bed blocks the third wall. This really left only one option for my grand reorganizing plans: The fourth wall.

This last wall has an alcove near the entrance, which for a long time housed my daughters’ piano. It was an ideal place for the piano, for not only was it the exact right size, but it also offered privacy during lessons. When my daughters wanted to practice, they simply closed the door, thus not disturbing anyone else.

Unfortunately, I had no other place to put my much-needed fabric storage cabinets. With a heavy heart I realized that the piano had to move.

This didn’t go so well with my family. So we spent the last few weeks negotiating. Eventually we found a new (albeit a lot more public) location for the piano, and with the help of our neighbor moved it to another room. All of a sudden that alcove looks so much bigger!

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