Cabinet Building! Creating Fabric Storage

The mess in my sewing room got out of control. I realized I had no choice but to add adequate fabric storage. This was the only way to get rid of all the piles, and turn the room into a functional textile art studio. After some internet research (more like MANY hours of internet research, actually), I found OK-looking (and affordable) cabinets at IKEA. These were exactly the size I was looking for–wide and deep enough to hold all my different-sized fabrics, yet still small enough to fit into my sewing-room’s alcove. I raided the store this last weekend, and returned home with my loot: three large IVAR cabinets!

My kids and I spent the weekend getting them ready. As it turned out, all those lego sets I bought over the years proved to be a great investment. The children were well prepared for the real-life challenge of putting IKEA cabinets together! In addition, I’m quite sure that that carpentry camp a couple of summers ago didn’t hurt, either 🙂

It was heart-warming to see the children working together and cooperating instead of squabbling, for a change. A shame we don’t need to build furniture every week…

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