The Scrap Project: A Cross-body Pouch

 After cutting my Spring Bag collection I was left with a pile of small-yet-gorgeous pieces of various pink and lime-green fabrics.

Beautiful pink scraps

My fingers were twitching to make use of them somehow. So I lay them all on the floor, and started arranging and rearranging them in different combinations. Once I found the composition I liked, I sewed several pieces together:

Pink scraps sewn together

I then inserted a pink zipper:

Adding a zipper

And another one:

Designing a spring slip

The piece on top, cut from the flap of bigger purse, reminded me of the arched doors and windows so typical to many old buildings in my native Israel, which I always loved.

I found a luxurious piece of matching magenta silk for the lining:

Silk lining for my spring slip

And cut it to size:

Cutting the lining for a spring slip

I sewed, ironed, pinned and turned. And there it was: a lively, spring-ready cross-body pouch! When the sling was ready, I added matching tassels to emphasize its oriental look and make it more interesting:

My finished spring cross-body pouch

I liked this cross-body pouch so much that I decided to make it my own. An early Mothers’ Day gift for myself. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it just happens to match many of my clothes 🙂

My eco-friendly spring pouch

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Pink Everywhere! Sewing My Spring Purses

A couple of weeks ago I cut the fabrics for my new handbag collection. These ready-to-sew spring purses were waiting in my studio while I was busy with other things. There were the routine life-related tasks, of course. In addition, there were a few previously-embarked-upon projects that I wanted to finish first. Yet, all those bright pinks and lime greens kept calling at me. Finally, when dark clouds gathered followed by drenching rain, I decided the time has come for some spirit-lifting sewing.

I spent the weekend sewing, turning, ironing, pinning and cutting.

The result–the first two out of seven spring purses!

Finished sustainable spring purses