The Scrap Project: A Cross-body Pouch

 After cutting my Spring Bag collection I was left with a pile of small-yet-gorgeous pieces of various pink and lime-green fabrics.

Beautiful pink scraps

My fingers were twitching to make use of them somehow. So I lay them all on the floor, and started arranging and rearranging them in different combinations. Once I found the composition I liked, I sewed several pieces together:

Pink scraps sewn together

I then inserted a pink zipper:

Adding a zipper

And another one:

Designing a spring slip

The piece on top, cut from the flap of bigger purse, reminded me of the arched doors and windows so typical to many old buildings in my native Israel, which I always loved.

I found a luxurious piece of matching magenta silk for the lining:

Silk lining for my spring slip

And cut it to size:

Cutting the lining for a spring slip

I sewed, ironed, pinned and turned. And there it was: a lively, spring-ready cross-body pouch! When the sling was ready, I added matching tassels to emphasize its oriental look and make it more interesting:

My finished spring cross-body pouch

I liked this cross-body pouch so much that I decided to make it my own. An early Mothers’ Day gift for myself. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it just happens to match many of my clothes 🙂

My eco-friendly spring pouch

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Hey, me, too! Sewing Market Totes for Myself

Over the last few months I sewed for family, friends and strangers. Recently I realized that I needed a few new bags, too! I was tired of the reusable shopping bags I had, which hardly ever lasted more than a few months. Therefore, I decided to make myself nice, large and sturdy Market Totes. This week I sewed a matching pair, with south-western patterns on the outside, lined with cotton with tiny flowers. Inside each of them I put a zipper pocket, to safely store my keys and phone when I go to the farmers’ market. They turned out great:

My new Market Totes

A few days ago I took them to Trader Joe’s. Amazingly, our family’s food for the entire week fit nicely into both!

My Narket Tote bags in action

Taking a Break to Sew for My Family: Three Custom-made Totes!

After I finally made my son’s i-pad bag, I realized my kids needed totes as well as cross-body bags.

The kids all started new after-school classes in January. Suddenly, they all had lots of new gear. My daughters both got two pairs of dance shows for their dance class, which they had to carry once a week. My son received a bulky martial-arts uniform with special shoes for his bi-weekly wu-shu lessons. The flimsy plastic bags they intended to use didn’t look sturdy enough, and so … mom to the rescue! I let them each chose fabrics in their favorite colors and patterns. Another week of sewing went by, and this is what they got:

Boys Need Bags, too!


“It’s not fair!” is a common complaint in our household, but in this case the boy was right: each of his sisters had a mommy-made bag, but he had nothing.

So, while I was frantically getting ready for the Christmas Market, he headed straight towards my finished bag pile, ready to claim one for himself. The fact that they were all WOMEN’s handbags (and way too big for him) didn’t seem to matter. Fairness is fairness, after all.

I promised to make one especially for him–a little boy’s bag. But I told him he will have to wait until after the fair was over.

In the end it took a little longer than expected, partially because Decembers are always busy, partially because we went away for winter break, and partially because it just took a while to find the right fabrics. But eventually I gathered all the right materials:

A thick olive-colored cotton for the outside:

A bright-orange velvety fabric for the underside of the flap:

And, at JoAnn’s Fabrics, I found the perfect, cutest monster cotton fabric for the lining:

I set to work as soon as school started again. I made his bag i-pad sized, for the occasions on which my boy wanted to carry his device. To make it “boyish,” I decorated it with olive-colored webbing and brown wooden buttons. I used Velcro for the closure, to make it easy for his little fingers to handle. The result: a boy’s bag just perfect for an i-pad!

I even added an inner pocket for all his small treasures:

My son was really happy to receive his own bag, and is using it regularly 🙂


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